Windows Popups – saying Edge browser is more secure than Chrome

Do you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser? Lately users on Windows 10 have been getting hit with notifications every time they open a browser besides Microsoft’s Edge browser. This notification is basically an ad for the Edge browser, saying Edge browser is more secure than Chrome or Firefox.

While there is no real truth to Edge over Chrome from Online sources, Microsoft will still pound the idea in your head because you are using their operating system. There is a way to stop this annoyance, but Microsoft does not want you to find it that is why they turn it on by default.

Follow these steps to turn it off.

  • First while holding down your windows key hit your “I” key. This will open your settings window.

Edge browser Win+i

Edge browser Settings


  • Next click on “System” on setting screen (Top Left)

Edge browser System


  • Click on “Notifications and actions”

Edge browser Notifications


  • Scroll down on left of screen and find “Get tips, tricks…” and click it to off.

Edge browser Tips off


  • Close your settings window and you are all set.

Please note that Microsoft will probably turn it back on with some Operation System update, stating something online about there are new features in the latest update they wanted you aware of, blah, blah, blah… Don’t be fooled, they are just trying to get you to use their Edge browser.

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