3D Design and Printing Service

We are now offering 3D Design and Printing, We can create a personalized quote for you from the object you’d like to print.

Looking for something to print, you can find models at the following sites:
And many more sites online.

We will 3D print you any item(s) that you’d like that are (1) legal and (2) will fit on my printers. We can print items that are 220mm x 220mm x 250mm.

All items are printed in PLA. We can print in many different colors if We do not have the color depending on item the color can be purchased.

15 years and we have you to thank!

15 years and we have you to thank

15 years and we have you to thank


2015 marks our 15th year, in order to keep our site current we have a new updated look. We hope you enjoy the new site, it of course is mobile friendly while you are on the go. Please check out our social media pages on the top of the page.

We strive to make your life with a computer, just a little easier.

Wishing you the best for the future!