How to deal with a lost or stolen phone.

news_techUnless you regularly sync and back up the data stored in your phone or tablet, you’ll lose it when you lose your device.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Tracking, locking, and wiping – many anti-theft apps have a way to remotely turn on the LED flash, play an alert sound, and enable the gyroscope sensors, history maps, and remote wipe features.
    • Android – Try to track your device with the Android Device Manager. This app helps you to locate your device, reset your device PIN code, and erase all data on the phone.
    • iPhoneFind My iPhone app can help you locate your phone and track it online or by using another device. You can also lock your device remotely to prevent anyone from using your device, as well as wipe your data and restore it to factory defaults.
  • Change your passwords – If you can’t recover the device or have the means to track it, lock it, or wipe it remotely, you can at least make sure that your data is secure by changing your passwords right away. List down the apps and online accounts that you allowed your device to access and reset your passwords for all of them to prevent anyone from getting into your accounts through your lost device. This also protects your contacts from possible scams done using your credentials. Remember to use unique and complex passwords, and something that is completely different from your previous ones.
  • Inform your carrier – call your service carrier immediately to allow them to block calls and transactions being made using your line.
  • File a report – while recovering your device on your own might work, it’s important to document the theft that occurred. Your local authorities could assist you in obtaining a reference number for your insurance (if you’re covered) to help you claim on your loss.
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