Today’s 3D Printing offers you the chance to create things in smaller quantities, unlike the older processes of tooling/molds.

Do you have something you have seen online or an idea that needs to be created? We offer printing of your 3D files or can design and print what you are in need of. We will work with you along the way to create what you need.

Looking for something to print, you can find models at the following sites:
And many more sites online.

I will 3D print you any item(s) that you’d like that are (1) legal and (2) will fit on my printers. I can print items that are 220mm x 220mm x 250mm.

All items are printed in PLA or PETG. I can print in many different colors if I do not have the color depending on item the color can be purchased.


My prices are as follows: All prices are based off the estimations given by my slicing software:

PLA Filament
– 25 cents per gram
– $5 per hour of printing

PETG Filament
– 30 cents per gram
– $6 per hour of printing

I print most items with a layer height of 0.2mm with a speed of 60mm/s. Please mention this in your request. Lower numbers mean better quality, but also an increase in cost. Any supports will be left on the finished item to offer protection during shipping.

I can create custom designs for you. I would need to get specs in order to quote the design and aprox cost to print. Of course if you require proofs there is cost per proof and shipping. I can always show 3D renders as proofs as well.

Items that need to be shipped would be based on dimensions/weight/shipping speed

Request a Quote: https://forms.gle/PUq6KmCFnAtURUj49