With today's threats like Spyware and Virus' your PC isn't safe. You need more protection from the bad guys. Remember the bad guys are not always outside of your walls. Anyone can gain access to your personal information stored in your PC from people you invite inside to those pesky hackers.

You need to protect your investment and personal information. According to Webroot, one of today's largest spyware removal companies, 88% of today's have spyware loaded on them. Have you ever received an e-mail that when you click on the link attached, it takes you no where or loads very slowly? You were probably taken to a web server that loaded software with out your know it!

SPAM is at an all time high and virus' may be inside them...

Are you safe?

We can fix that ailing computer and speed up your access. Hardware or software problems are your most common problems with slow computers.

Do you own pets? have you ever bother to look inside your PC? You would be amazed at what we have seen pet hair do!

 Don't wait till it's too late, protect yourself now!

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